The Thrive five

Five key elements to our approach.

1. Make it easy

Easy to read, easy to do, easy to change. It's a key principle of behaviour change so we break complex goals into small simple steps. And we communicate them in words that are easy to understand.


2. Know your audience

And by that we mean really know your audience. We review evidence, run surveys, hold interviews and organise focus groups – in plush London offices or on the floors of slums in Mumbai. It's the starting point for truly understanding the problem we're trying to solve.


3. Walk their journey

Change is a process, not an event. Your communication needs to reflect that. That's why we walk the journey with the end user, mapping the physical, social and emotional impact of each stage. It brings empathy to our content that makes a powerful emotional connection. The results are empowering and effective.


4. Talk their language

Which means much more than just translating. Establishing an authentic connection requires localising and personalising your content for your audience whether they are in the UK or around the world. Having created health and behaviour change content for over 40 countries, we know how to make the reader feel that what she is reading was written just for her (or him).

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Which stands for "It seemed like a good idea at the time". We base our programmes on in-depth research, a thorough evidence review and verified behaviour change models. Combined with our on-the-ground experience we can ensure your behaviour change programme does not fall into the ISLAGIATT trap.


Working together

Whether you’re an agency that needs a specialist health content partner, a start-up looking for behaviour change expertise or a global brand seeking to create a multi-channel campaign we’re always happy to talk. Get in touch now for an informal chat about how Thrive can help you.

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