5 smart and simple ways to repurpose content for social media

By Charlotte McClure, Content Marketing Editor

Content repurposing, also known as content recycling, is a brilliant way to get more out of your content. It means turning existing content, or parts of it, into something new and fresh, and is a quick, easy, and thrifty way to fill gaps in your social media calendar. In fact, nearly 90% of marketers say that repurposing content provides better results and is more time and cost-effective than creating new content from scratch (Databox 2022).

Repurposing your content: 

  • eliminates the need to always create content from scratch
  • is an opportunity to rejuvenate your less successful content or repromote your most popular content
  • offers you the chance to reach people you missed the first time around
  • reinforces your message
  • can boost your organic reach and your website SEO

But not all content is suitable for repurposing. For example, content that ranked well under a past social media algorithm may have been popular at one time, but it could be old news now and unlikely to win you any new followers. What you’re looking for is evergreen content, such as tutorials, how-to guides, expert interviews, or case studies, from which you can pull out the best bits and spin a new angle.

When it comes to repurposing content, strategy matters

Once you’ve identified the best content for repurposing, it’s time to get strategic. Where will your new content be posted? Consider which of your social channels are most active, how your audience uses them and what format works best for each platform. The right channel makes all the difference, but how you tell the story is equally as valuable.

For example, carousel posts work brilliantly on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. On Instagram, they earn higher average engagement rates (1.92%) than single photos (1.74%) and creators who use all 10 carousel slides can experience average engagement rates as high as 2% (Content Marketing Institute 2022).

Video is another winner when it comes to increasing your reach on social media. So, turning your best content into short, high-resolution videos can pay big dividends. Keep videos short and straight to the point – brevity and energy are what makes them so addictive. Too slow or too long and you will lose viewers instead of turning them into followers.

Here are five simple ways to repurpose your content

  1. Use the best bits to create graphics and carousels

Head to your website metrics to identify your most popular articles or blog posts, then pull out the most important or interesting parts to generate single images or a carousel. On LinkedIn, create a carousel by uploading a PDF or PowerPoint directly into a post. This allows people to see the full document without leaving their feed. And if you don’t include an outbound link, the algorithm will prioritise your post, meaning higher reach and engagement. A carousel works brilliantly on Instagram too, just be sure to make it eye-catching, so it stays at the top of people’s feeds.

  1. Get video savvy

With most social platforms now video-focused, it’s never been more important to make video part of your social media marketing strategy. Video is a fantastic tool to hook your audience and get your message across quickly – marketers who use video content experience revenue growth 49% faster than those who don’t (MarketSplash 2022). Of course, videos can take time, money, and effort to create, so start with a proven concept that has already performed well for you.

  1. Create mini infographics

Infographics are a great way to present complex information quickly and clearly, but they can be cumbersome. For extra reach, split the key stats from your infographic across several images that can be posted individually or as a carousel. This technique makes your information much more digestible and perfect for the speed scroller who won’t stop to read the entire thing.

  1. Maximise your testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews are great for building trust, growing reach, increasing engagement and sales, and raising brand recognition. But if you’re only using them on your website, you’re missing out. Putting testimonials in the social spotlight can improve customer relationships, letting them know that their voice is being heard. It also draws in customers who rely on testimonials as a barometer of trust and reliability.

  1. Ask questions to trigger conversations

Do you use questions as blog headlines, or to spark comments at the end of your posts? These are ripe for repurposing. LinkedIn Q&As and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram polls all create opportunities to engage your audience with existing content. Be daring, not boring. Make your questions thought-provoking to prompt active discussion and debate.

Now you’re ready to start recycling your old content, remember these three Rs:

  • Repurpose – share your previously highest-performing content in a different style.
  • Recycle – find a new way of saying an old message.
  • Repost – post your highest-performing ever-green content from a year ago.

Charlotte is Content Marketing Editor at Thrive and is passionate about the increasingly vital role social media plays in marketing strategies.

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