Changing the narrative: How brands can empower their female customers

Earlier this year Thrive asked over 1,000 women in the UK to share their views on the language health brands were using. We compared the results with earlier insights from brand managers and the results were pretty eye-opening.

It turns out that while most women are actually keen to hear more from brands, there’s a pretty wide disconnect between how brands think they’re communicating and the views of their female customers.

But where there’s insight, there’s opportunity. Explore the key takeaways below or download the full report to discover how health brands can empower their female customers, create a thriving community of brand superfans, boost sales and close the gender health gap.

Over 1,000 women told us what they do and don’t want from health and wellbeing information, we’d like to tell you.

Download our free report: Changing the narrative, to reveal key insights and discover how your brand can leverage content to create empowering connections with women.


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