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Thrive Agency is a health communications agency specialising in powerful mHealth and behaviour change programmes.

Over the past 20 years, our researchers, writers and behavioural experts have been on a mission to inform and inspire people around the world, motivating change for good.

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Here at Thrive, we're experts in crafting content that engages, empowers and inspires change. We can help you make an emotional connection, even in the smallest of spaces.

Gayatri Koshy
Thrive’s Head of mHealth

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SMS? Messenger? WhatsApp? mHealth is your opportunity to reach out to your audience and create lasting change in their lives.
Gayatri Koshy

Gayatri Koshy is Head of mHealth for Thrive: Words that Change Lives. She provides behaviour change communication expertise to Thrive’s digital health projects. 

With a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, 
she has extensive experience working in global health projects as well as national level programmes such as India’s National AIDS Control Programme.

At Thrive, Gayatri led the content development for the mMitra programme in India which now reaches over 2 million women in urban slums with audio messages on maternal and child health. She also worked on digital messaging programmes in China, South Africa, Nigeria and on a behaviour change programme for the mental wellbeing of university students in the UK. She has an interest in truly understanding communities and developing behaviour change communication strategies that work for them.

mHealth Case Studies

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MAMA Mobile 

Health messaging for HIV+ mothers

Encouraging positive health behaviours in India

Behaviour change support for UK students

In partnership with Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA), Thrive delivered over 5,000 health and behaviour change messages, improving the health of over three million pregnant women and mothers of infants up to three years old.

Thrive worked with our partners, Johnson & Johnson, and the South African National Department of Health to deliver a free mobile messaging programme, supporting pregnant women and new mothers.

Our behaviour change messaging campaign in India has improved the health of more than two million mothers living in the poorest areas, changing their lives and those of their babies.

Unihealth is the UK’s first mobile messaging programme for student wellbeing. Thrive created and delivered innovative, engaging, effective messaging programmes,  that empower students to make the best decisions for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Learn how our mHealth campaign in the poorest areas of India helped to improve the health of more than two million mothers and their babies in the video below:

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Thrive, mHealth explainer video

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Thrive did ground-breaking work helping the South African Department of Health with content and flavour of the MomConnect messages for pregnant and post-partum moms. These messages have now been acclaimed by over 2.5 million women

Peter Barron  | MomConnect

Gayatri Koshy
Thrive’s Head of mHealth









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