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Mind your language eBook

When it comes to health communications, words matter. Mind your Language examines five key health topics and guides content creators through the process of using accurate, open and sensitive language to connect with their readers.

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A guide to mobile messaging for behaviour change

Mobile phone health messaging programmes are being developed all over the world. But do they really work? Our experts examined the effectiveness of mobile phone messaging in changing health behaviours and improving health outcomes.

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Bridging the gender health gap webinar

From insights to ideas for the future, listen in as some of the brightest global talent in femtech come together to discuss all things women’s health and the empowering potential of tech.

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Changing the narrative brand briefing

This eye-opening report reveals key insights from over 1,000 women and shares how your brand can leverage content to close the gender health gap and create empowering connections with women.

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Changing the narrative full report

Our report reveals the disconnect between how brands think they are communicating and the views of their female customers. Discover what women really want from health communications and how to create a campaign that drives purchases through powerful storytelling.

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How femtech and other digital platforms can overcome barriers to health access

Critical barriers are still preventing women from accessing face-to-face health services and information. This insightful guide highlights what’s hindering access to health services and spotlights the key themes.

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Create compelling branded content: A how-to guide for health brands

How do you create an engaging, effective and successful branded content campaign? Our experts reveal the dos and don’ts of designing, delivering and evaluating your next branded content campaign.

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On the Blob: Millennials vs Gen Zs talk menstrual health

From habits and emotions to brand loyalty, menstrual health is a deeply personal and emotive topic. Discover how women talk about their periods, how starkly that differs from period advertising and why it matters.

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