Meet the team

  • Daphne Metland

    Is: Director. Daphne is a pioneer in the use of behaviour change messaging to dramatically improve health outcomes.

    Can: see over the horizon, capturing new opportunities to reach and engage audiences.

    Has: transformed lives with her work for governments worldwide.

  • Sasha Miller

    Is: Operations Director. She is passionate about the power of digital media to engage audiences in their health.

    Can: apply creativity and strategic thinking to a project to ensure that it generates the very best outcomes.

    Has: led cross-functional digital teams in 18 countries around the world.

  • Sarah Redshaw

    Is: Content Director. Sarah oversees content creation and distribution across all media channels.

    Can: put together the perfect team to take our clients’ projects, goals and campaigns from the germ of an idea to brilliant reality.

    Has: extensive knowledge of social media and the art of content distribution.

  • Caitlin Dalton

    Is: Innovation Director. Caitlin can look at a project strategically and pull together specialist knowledge to fit your aims.

    Can: see across digital streams and is a data-driven geek with 10 years’ digital experience, launching and relaunching seven different websites.

    Has: expertise in ecommerce, digital marketing, SEO and editorial and is now studying for her Masters in Intercultural Communications.

  • Gayatri Koshy

    Is: Head of mHealth. Gayatri’s knowledge and experience feed into all our digital health programmes.

    Can: devise thoughtful and effective strategies applying behaviour change theory to produce measurable results.

    Has: a Master’s degree in public health, plus broad global experience.

  • Catherine Mendham

    Is: Project Manager. With 12 years of digital experience, Catherine has a phenomenal ability to get things done.

    Can: drive a project from conception to launch; delivering on time and in budget without breaking a sweat.

    Has: launched websites, apps, online forums and chatbots globally…next!

  • Sarah Joel

    Is: Head of Social. Sarah and her team engage audiences across all social channels.

    Can: take a client’s brief and create captivating, tailored content that performs. Crafts social campaigns for global brands across key markets in different countries.

    Has: years of award-winning experience creating B2B and consumer content for clients across print, digital and social.

  • Jamie McCabe

    Is: Head of Partnerships. Jamie can make sure you get the most out of our services by really understanding your business needs.

    Can: truly understand a client’s pains in order to create and deliver the best possible solution for them.

    Has: ten years’ experience working in commercial roles at some of the UK’s biggest media brands. He also helped a start-up craft beer brewery get off the ground and flying.

Dr Felix Naughton, Behaviour Change Consultant

As our Behaviour Change Consultant, Felix helps us plan and evaluate our behaviour change projects. He is Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology in the School of Health Sciences at UEA, Visiting Senior Researcher at the Behavioural Science Group, University of Cambridge, and Honorary Associate Professor within the Division of Primary Care, University of Nottingham.

Felix has a primary research interest in investigating how technology, particularly mobile phones, can support behaviour change. In addition to his Thrive work, Felix is currently investigating the potential to address important gaps in NHS smoking cessation support with mobile phone interventions.

Felix believes that mobile phones have real potential to make a significant public health impact through behaviour change interventions, given their wide-reach, low-cost and potential to engage in real-time. Not to mention the fact that they are rarely more than an arm’s reach away!

Dr Felix Naughton

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