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We’ve worked at the forefront of behaviour change communications since 2001. Our unique combination of behavioural insights, health specialism and editorial expertise gives you the power to change lives for good.


Behavioural insights

To change behaviour, you first need to understand it. We can help you do that using primary and secondary research alongside established behavioural models. We look at the context and identify the barriers and enablers of change. The result is a 360-degree view of the problem that identifies actionable insights as the foundation of a successful behaviour change programme.

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Behaviour change consultancy

We love to work with clients from the start: to research the problem, analyse the behaviour and design the solution. But we’re also happy to advise on on-going projects and we are often called in when a digital behaviour change programme is not achieving results. We can review, advise and help you refocus. And we can work with your team to share skills and knowledge, giving them the tools to apply our tried-and-tested methods to future projects.

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Behaviour change content and mHealth messaging

The very best behaviour change theory will only get so far. You’ll only get the results you need if your target audience engages with your programme. This is where our creativity and experience make all the difference. We’re experts in crafting content that engages, empowers and inspires change. We can help you make an emotional connection, even in the smallest of spaces. SMS? Messenger? WhatsApp? Messaging is your opportunity to reach out to your audience.

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Experts in behaviour change

Behaviour change is a buzz word right now but to us it is much more than that. The life-changing projects we have developed around the world since 2001 have demonstrated just how powerful our combination of behavioural science and skilled content creation can be. We can show you how behaviour change models can help you to understand a challenge and identify a solution that works for you and your audience. And we can help you turn that theory into a programme that will transform lives.

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Meet Dr Felix Naughton, our Behaviour Change Consultant

As our Behaviour Change Consultant, Felix helps us plan and evaluate our behaviour change projects. He is Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology in the School of Health Sciences at UEA, Visiting Senior Researcher at the Behavioural Science Group, University of Cambridge, and Honorary Associate Professor within the Division of Primary Care, University of Nottingham.

Felix has a primary research interest in investigating how technology, particularly mobile phones, can support behaviour change. In addition to his Thrive work, Felix is currently investigating the potential to address important gaps in NHS smoking cessation support with mobile phone interventions.

Felix believes that mobile phones have real potential to make a significant public health impact through behaviour change interventions, given their wide-reach, low-cost and potential to engage in real-time. Not to mention the fact that they are rarely more than an arm’s reach away!

Dr Felix Naughton
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    Behavioural analysis

    Our expertise in proven behaviour change models like COM-B means we can explore all the obstacles and solutions to change.

  • workspace

    Behavioural strategy

    Once we've completed analysis we will design a tailored strategy, underpinned by frameworks such as EAST and the Behaviour Change Wheel.

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    Behaviour change solutions

    We will craft the content that will drive lasting behaviour change and deliver it through the most effective channels for your audience.

  • data

    Data-driven results

    We monitor, evaluate, re-evaluate and reiterate to make sure our solutions bring about the most effective behaviour change.

  • MAMA Mobile Messaging

    Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) provides evidence-based health content to mothers in low resource settings, via mobile messaging. MAMA’s founding partners are USAID, Johnson & Johnson and BabyCenter.

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  • Health messaging for HIV+ mothers

    Thrive works with our partners, Johnson & Johnson, and the South African National Department of Health to deliver a free mobile messaging programme, supporting pregnant women and new mothers.

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    Pregnant African Woman
  • Encouraging positive health behaviours in India

    Our behaviour change messaging campaign in India has improved the health of more than two million mothers living in the poorest areas, changing their lives and those of their babies.

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    A mother with her little girl on the arm
  • Behaviour change support for UK students

    Unihealth is the UK’s first mobile messaging programme for student wellbeing.We create and deliver innovative, engaging, effective messaging programmes, that empower students to make the best decisions for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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    Latin descent female college student graduation on campus.
  • Thrive has built its expertise over many years and across multiple countries. This gives the team the unique ability to listen to and address cultural nuances that are so vital to engage with audiences and to drive meaningful behaviour change.

    Aakash Ganju  |  Saathealth
  • On behalf of everyone on the MAMA team and our partners across the globe, I say thank you for all that you’ve contributed to our work and the movement as a whole, and I deeply believe, as one of our stakeholders recently told us, that this small but mighty team truly did “make a dent in the universe.”

    Kirsten Gagnaire, Global Director  |  MAMA
  • Thrive did ground-breaking work helping the South African Department of Health with the content and flavour of the MomConnect messages for pregnant and post-partum moms. These messages have now been acclaimed by over 2.5 million women.

    Peter Barron  |  MomConnect

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We work with brands, partner agencies, governments and charities who want to make their message resonate. We engage people through the power of behaviour change to transform lives and societies for good. If you want to find out more about our health or behaviour change expertise we’re always happy to talk.

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