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We are a value-driven agency specialising in powerful health and behaviour change content, campaigns and programmes. Since 2000 our researchers, writers, medical and behavioural experts have been on a mission to inform and inspire people around the world, motivating change for the better.

The Thrive story

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When Daphne Metland launched Thrive in 2000 she had two key goals: to create the very best health content for clients, and to be the type of employer she’d want to work for.

As an experienced health journalist and editor, Daphne saw how digital and mobile innovation could empower people around the world with life-changing health information.

Advances in behavioural science and technology have continued to transform how Thrive creates and delivers content – and achieves global reach.

Our team has also grown from two to a tight-knit team of more than 40 employees in eight different countries. We have a huge bank of skills and knowledge and share a passion for social good.

We are committed to inspiring millions of people around the world to take charge of their health. And although the landscape has changed beyond recognition since our launch, Daphne’s core principles remain at the beating heart of Thrive’s award-winning work.

The Thrive five

The thrive five

After 20 years plus of creating health content we know what works. Here are the rules we live by.

The Thrive five: Make it easy

Make it easy

Easy to read, easy to do, easy to change. It's a key principle of behaviour change. We break complex goals into small simple steps. And we communicate them in words that are easy to understand.

The Thrive five: Know your audience

Know your audience

And by that we mean really know your audience. We review evidence, run surveys, hold interviews and organise focus groups from London to Mumbai. It's the starting point for truly understanding the problem we're trying to solve.

The Thrive five: Walk their journey

Walk their journey

Change is a process, not an event. Your communication needs to reflect that. That's why we walk the journey with the end user, mapping the physical, social and emotional impact of each stage.

The Thrive five: Talk their language

Talk their language

Which means much more than just translating. Establishing an authentic connection requires localising and personalising your content for your audience. It should feel like what they are watching, hearing or reading was created just for them.

The Thrive five: Beware ISLAGIATT


Which stands for "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time". We don’t take punts, or rely on best guesses. We base your health communication on data, evidence and verified behavioural models. That’s why it works.


"We are really grateful for Thrive's fast turnaround, solid knowledge and flexibility in creating content to support WaterAid’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic."


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