The Parent Pod podcast

Launched in 2020, the Parent Pod podcast helped BabyCenter to reach a new generation of parents in an exciting new format.


We’ve been supporting BabyCenter for more than two decades. We’re proud to help the company engage its audience through their parenting journey with a blend of trusted, expert advice and parent-to-parent tips from preconception through to age eight. On behalf of BabyCenter we have launched websites in 17 countries and multiple languages, walking the journey with millions of new parents throughout the world. Launched in 2020, the Parent Pod podcast helped BabyCenter to reach a new generation of parents in an exciting new format.

The challenge

The way we consume media has changed a lot in 20 years, and here at Thrive we’re always looking for fresh and innovative means to help our clients connect with their audience. In this instance, BabyCenter was looking for ways to reach a wider audience in a competitive, fast-moving market saturated with digital content. The BabyCenter brand already included hugely successful websites, apps, social media platforms and email campaigns.

Our solution

Parent Pod from BabyCenter is a 48-episode podcast series that covers everything new and expectant parents need to know. Based on a foundation of trusted, popular content we threw topical interviews into the mix plus funny, honest and engaging chat from our parent hosts, Lucy and Claire. Written, produced and launched by Thrive, we created a global first for the client and captured a growing podcast audience.

The result

The podcast series reached number four in the Apple parenting charts within days of launch. It gained tens of thousands of downloads, hundreds of positive reviews and was in the top 20 per cent of podcasts after the first week. Parent Pod also provided a valuable revenue stream for the client via sponsorship opportunities.

BabyCenter UK’s Regional Sales Director had this to say on the success of the Parent Pod podcast:

“It was great that the team at Thrive was able to take BabyCentre’s expert content, which we know is hugely popular, and create something engaging and enjoyable that resonates with parents. 

“Whilst opening up a new channel for parents to connect with BabyCentre, it’s also enabled us to explore sponsorship opportunities and open up conversations with brands who are keen to explore the growing podcast audience.”

Check out the video below to hear a snippet of the Parent Pod, or click the links to sign up!


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