Thrive launches free library of content to help in the fight against Covid-19  

May 14, 2020  |  Lorna Marsh

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our free library of life-saving content to help not-for-profit organisations stop the spread of Covid-19.  

As an award-winning agency we have created the content to support non-profit organisations’ Covid-19 prevention work through behaviour change and health communications.

Clean water and good hygiene are the first line of defence against Covid-19 and this message is vital to communicate in low-resource settings. The culture-specific messages encourage social distancing and promote good hygiene practices, such as handwashing with soap.

The library includes text and images for use in SMS messages, WhatsApp, web, voice messages and social media. Their primary purpose is to encourage people to adopt core behaviours for slowing the spread of Covid-19. They are also intended to empower people and to build a sense of community, based on proven behaviour change techniques.

The content is based on latest information from organisations like the World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control as well as each target country’s health ministry. It is then underpinned by behavioural expertise to make it engaging and actionable.

Social distancing cow image

Gayatri Koshy, Thrive’s Head of Behaviour Change, said: “We know the unprecedented challenges that healthcare organisations are facing because of Covid-19 and we also knew our unrivalled experience of reaching out to users in some of the world’s poorest communities could be invaluable in helping them.

“We create content that is simple to understand and powerful enough to inspire change and we are really proud of the emotionally-supportive and informative content we have produced in such a short-time scale. We hope it succeeds in its aim to help not-for-profit organisations tackle Covid-19 by helping deliver vital health messaging globally.

“Understanding cultural needs is key to providing effective messaging to change behavioural practices. This includes using cultural references to make a complex concept easier, helping to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Thrive is an expert in creating innovative health messaging rooted in behaviour change and has created content for 40 countries in more than 25 languages. We have significant experience providing vital health information to communities in developing countries.

Successful campaigns have included content to help improve the maternal health of more than two million mothers living in slums in India and a messaging service enabling pregnant women living with HIV in South Africa to make informed health choices for themselves and their babies.

Want to find out more? Have a look at the free Covid-19 prevention content library.

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